How Normalizing #trashtag Challenge Will Defeat Pollution

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Trashtag Is the Best Tool Against Pollution

 #trashtagchallenge got really hot for a month or two, and now the hype has died off a lot. You see a post here and there, but the constant onslaught of beach leaps and such has slowed to a bare crawl. I’m not discrediting anybody who trash tags in their life and doesn’t post it, but we really need to keep up the trend. 

The trash tag challenge has triggered a significant shift in how we think about our responsibilities for the planet. The issue that we need to make cleaning up our communities and surrounding landscapes a regular occurrence in everyday life. 

Pollution is all around us
Pollution or in other words "laziness"

Pollution Is Everywhere on Earth

Every place on earth has trash laying around, even on the top of Mt. Everest. You could make two arguments for why we have so much litter laying around: 1. People litter. 2. People don’t pick up litter. We could all sit around and talk about fines for people who litter, and how to decrease the number of people who do it but that’s not going to fix the issue of how much we already have laying around. 

If the highest mountain on earth is polluted, imagine all the rest of the remote locations that have the same land pollution. The ocean pollution is the worst issue because we can only see what floats. Fish wash up on shores, and their stomach’s are dissected revealing microplastics.

From what I see every single being on earth is affected by our trash problem, and we need to reverse it and fast. 

The effort we have to make now is to pick up every last bit that we see on sight. I’m talking about making picking up trash as usual as producing it. We need to abolish the mindset of “I didn’t create it, so I’m not responsible for it.” 

Every Human Has A Responsibility to Fight Pollution

What needs to be understood is that the people who pollute aren’t going to stop polluting. I’m not talking about just people who spit out gum onto concrete, leave trash wherever they feel like it, or flick cigarette buts out of car windows. Corporations are at large when it comes to the issue of land and sea pollution because so many of them don’t even recycle. I worked for one of the largest retailers in the world, and you’d be in shock of how much packaging is used for just a single item and thrown into a regular trash can day after day. 

 If we all keep putting off taking care of trash and pollution on the people that create it nothing will ever happen, so we need to take things into our own hands. 


You might be reading and saying to yourself “But how will my effort help when it’s so small?” It will help because you will be noticed and things will catch on, and everyone will start to do it, and the truth is we need every bit of help we can get.  

Before most major wars on earth people have abandoned their jobs to help with efforts back home. In world war II, two women stopped sewing everyday garments and began sewing uniforms. Factories left their regular business to rivet airplanes and make ammunition. 

 We need to start to see pollution and the effects of global warming as our enemy in war.

What Efforts Should Look Like

Trashtag doesn’t have to be an entire day dedicated to cleaning up swaths of trash on your local beach or park. It can be as short and straightforward as cleaning up what you see on your way into work. A straw and a pen cap in the parking lot is as good an effort as any. 

There is no effort to small when it comes to fighting climate change. Every time you pick up just one item visualize the wildlife you saved in our oceans. Picture birds nests made up entirely of organic matter and not riddled with various man-made items used as building materials. 

If we make this a trend now to care about our surroundings no matter who caused them to be polluted in the first place then in a few years we won’t have to make such massive efforts at all.  Visit the trash tag app to download the app based around trash tag! 

The most significant impact you can make is in your immediate surroundings, and you’d be amazed at what you will find and how much of trash is really out there. 

We also need to make our governments step in especially in the war on ocean pollution. Floating garbage piles all over the surfaces of our seas are invading and harming ocean wildlife. It will take some real ingenuity to fight this war on pollution in the ocean, but there are already some great inventions making their way into the headlines.  Ocean cleanup systems such as these are a great idea but funding is needed to really get the ball rolling and deploying more of these devices to make an impact. 

We need more significant events with much larger turnouts for big areas that need a cleanup. 30 people for an entire beachfront only makes a dent. Get out on to organize something in your area. Forests, beaches, highways, parks, etc. can all have their own events annually and are a great way to get your community together fighting for a common cause. 


The Future Without Pollution

 In the future, there won’t be pollution because if there is still pollution in the future, we won’t be around to see it. The time for ideas is long gone, and now we need action to save our home. What we’re really fighting for is to see the next fifty years because if we don’t fight now, we can’t fight later. 

The future can be free of any and all litter and pollution on land and in our oceans but only if everyone gets on board with the cause. Even if you pick up one single piece of paper, you’re helping fight for earth. Check out this Earthagram article on some ways to fight climate change.

Children today need to be brought up with the well being of the earth always in the back of their mind and actively living to make a positive impact. When I was still in school, we talked a whole lot about dangers of climate change and how we had adverse effects on the earth, calculating our carbon footprint, learning about renewable energy sources but never acting on this new information given to us. 5K runs that ended at their finish lines and never actually doing anything but “raising awareness.” 

In my opinion, the awareness of how much pollution is genuinely out there has been raised, and now we need the aware to act. 

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