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How to Find Your Petition Idea

If you really want to make a difference in the world you need to discover a petition idea. Coming up with this petition idea is the hard part of the entire process but what makes it hard is the viewpoint you currently hold. If you were going to write a story you would put yourself in the shoes of a character. In this case the character you want to become is one who has problems they need to change. 

Finding inspiration to decide what your petition will be about can become very easy when you figure out how you need to think. 

If you’re an individual who wants to change the world, you could soon realize that you need some help finding exactly what you’re going to make the next big group in your community about. This is essentially a writers’ block of sorts and can be super frustrating when you have a desire to deliver on new ideas but can’t put all the pieces together. In our situation luckily this is a little simpler than it might sound in the sense that you just need to change your viewpoint. 


Finding Real Inspiration

Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels, wrote stories that took place in countries around the world. But this was in the forties on through the early sixties, and it wasn’t as simple as scouring the internet for information on Russia and regurgitating facts onto paper. 

Fleming visited these places, albeit on the dime of a Newspaper he wrote for but nonetheless he was there in the flesh taking in the sights, talking to the people, eating the food, etc. I believe this to be the reason that his books were so world-renowned. 

But it wasn’t just being in the country and having the experience that made the books so alive and vivid; It was that Fleming was Inspired! When you travel, your brain gets to take in all sorts of information through its own eyes that it’s never seen or heard before. Some people even believe that travel has a particular restorative nature, but I digress. 

Look for Issues

Humans need inspiration- bottom line. 

Without inspiration, we’d never accomplish anything, and you’d never be reading this article because the internet wouldn’t exist, and nor would our entire society. There are all kinds of different sources of information that you can find in the world, but for our purposes of finding ways to improve the world, we have to look for problems that currently exist. 

The Romans came up with the aqueduct because they had the problem of not having running water for their city for drinking, cleaning, and sewage. They could have hauled pales of water for the rest of their lives, but instead, someone was inspired by the problem and came up with a solution. 

More importantly their solution impacted their society and the future by providing a means to a resource that benifits everyone. We need more ideas akin to the aqueduct that impact people in an immediate area at first and then take root all around the world. This is a major part of what we’re trying to do here at Earthagram which is change society for the better. 

Finding a petition idea can be hard

Pinpointing Your Petition Example

So now we know how to become inspired but how do we pinpoint it accurately? By analyzing everything you see in terms of “Is this a problem?”

For instance, your neighborhood has an irrigation system to water the grass and plants, but you notice that the heads of the sprinklers are broken continuously and spewing buckets of water into the street instead of onto the grass and nobody is doing anything about it.

This is a significant issue not only of plants and grass dying but wasting precious water. Maybe you notice that the children at your local school bus stop don’t have a safe place to cross the street monitored by a crossing guard. This is a problem because its dangerous for the children (obviously!). 

We’re trying to convey the idea that anything you see that you think is worth changing can and should be changed BY YOU! 

In the world we live in today we all have the tools to make changes to whatever we want as long as we can get people to agree with the change we want to see. 

Go Begin Your Journey!

Now that you’ve done half the job, and I’d say the more difficult half of the situation, deliver on the solutions to the issues you’ve found. We have a growing library of resources to aid you in making the right choice when it comes to solving the problems we face in our world today. 

Want to get those kids a crossing guard? Start a group here on Earthagram along with a link to a petition and get people involved both on the internet and in the streets. Think a city council meeting would be more effective? List the event in your group and get people to show up to really get the results you want.

 The point is if you find a change you’d like to see there is always a way to get the results you want. Your voice is more powerful than you’ve been told, and when you link with other voices, your movement becomes unstoppable. 

If you need info on how to make a petition check out this page where we outline the process in a few simple steps. 

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