Earthagram: The New Social Network

A New Social Network

Earthagram is here to be the new social network. 

Social networking has been around for more than a decade, but nothing has changed. New social networks have just been more and more of the same: Liking photo’s, commenting, sharing meaningless thoughts and describing your day. The issue we at Earthagram see with social networking is that nothing good seems to come of it. Social networking is supposed to bring us together, but it seems that we’ve only become further divided. It has also made people very vain and materialistic over the years.

 This is why we’ve decided to launch a new social network in an attempt to unite humans all over the world through common causes that will benefit mankind. This isn’t some social networking app where you’re supposed to judge and bully others because of a comment or picture. This is a place where we begin to work together to build a better world. 

So you might ask, “How exactly are we supposed to use this new social network to “change the world”? 

Social Networking With a Purpose

Social Media bringing Us together

If you peruse the profile pages of Earthagram, you’ll notice that they don’t have a place for you to put your useless information on display. Instead, we have groups, forums, and events. Don’t get us wrong, we still want you to show who you are and can customize a few things here and there. For the most part, though we want your posts to be meaningful, useful information that will get people together. 

On our social network, we want groups to be made around different issues or topics that you want to see changed, improved, or popularized. For instance, if you are concerned about air pollution in your city, then you’d make a group called “Air pollution in Los Angeles” or “Fight Air Pollution in Los Angeles.” Maybe you want plastic grocery bags to be abolished in the united states. You could make a group around that idea exactly. Maybe check out this article to get you started with some ideas. Or this one here for some inspiration!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to changes we want to see in the world, so we expect to have an infinite amount of groups tied to different ideas. 

More Than Just Groups

The change doesn’t stop at the groups though. Within the groups, the primary way of spreading the idea is through forums. Say you want to have a conversation about the effects of Air pollution in Los Angeles then you could start a forum to get people adequately informed and talking. Once you get a few people involved the forums will grow with information and ideas on how to combat or improve your efforts. 

Now you might say to yourself “This sounds like a regular social media site but tuned toward helping the earth.” To this comment, I’d agree, but there’s still one way we can make you see how this is the most revolutionary new social networking site. 

Something you’ll see on Facebook, Twitter, or of the other social networking apps is that the members have no common interest. In fact, to reach a particular group of people with meaningful information could prove extremely difficult. 

Like-minded Individuals

Social Network that benefits us

Earthagram is cultivating its network by fostering a community of people who want to change things on earth. What we’re doing is like telling people in advance that we’re having a pirate themed party. Everyone who shows up to our party is already anticipating the idea of pirates being involved so they’ll keep the standard of being a pirate in mind when they arrive. They’ll be dressed up with an eyepatch at the minimum, maybe someone brings a fake parrot perched on their shoulder. 

Apply the principal to a website. Our members will be anticipating an environment geared toward changing the planet so finding people who are passionate about issues or ideas that can change the world will be easy. Much easier in fact than trying to find those people on Facebook or Twitter. It’s like finding a needle in the haystack on those social networking sites. On Earthagram, we’re just a big stack of needles. 

Information Driven

Here’s the kicker though. Earthagram ties all of this wanting to change the world together with two more simple things. Events, and articles. We don’t want people to come on Earthagram and just talk about change. We want you to be INVOLVED with change. Starting a group and a forum is the first part of how to make a difference in the world. The second part is forming events with the knowledge you can learn from us to get people out and meet in person to work on making a difference. 

The old social networking stops as soon as you log out of your profile. But on Earthagram, the new social network, logging out of your profile is where the networking really begins. 

Picture this. You form a group that is aimed towards improving school lunches in your state. The group is established, the participants are informing each other through the forums you create, and the ideas on how to change the issue at hand are being dissected. You started a petition and have gotten fifty thousand supporters. You start an event to get your group members to go to your local city hall meeting and speak to your local government about the change you want. 

Amplify Your Voice

Now yes you could have gone by yourself to the town hall and stood in line and been heard out. There most likely would have been no effect from this. But if even fifty people show up to voice their opinions, you’re more than likely to start to induce some sort of change. 

The difference is that you have united people around a cause and now you can all support each other in supporting the cause. 

The beauty in all of this is that you might not know how to unite people and start a petition now or what to do when you actually get to the town hall, but we provide you with articles on how to do just those things correctly. We’re a one-stop shop for change. 

You can inform yourself on this website alone and begin to make a real difference in your community immediately. We’re adding new articles every day in an attempt to educate others to help them meet their goals. Check out this one in particular about how to create a petition!

We’re here to end the days of mindless scrolling and wishing you were involved in events and parties. The comments and discussions that end without action on other networks won’t be a part of this one. With this network, we’ll all soon come to the realization that our voice has more power than just sound. Our voices are meant for inducing action, and it’s about time a social network is coming around to facilitate the change our voices call for. 

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