Which is OSRS gold sadly bad

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This is guy. OSRS will get overflowed with MTX, when RS3 falls. Which is OSRS gold sadly bad for the RS3 runescape players because there is a lot of P2W or cover to advance faster inside.

That was a promo graph once… correct? As far as I remember, MTX promos got over recent years. IF RS3 for whatever reason goes into maintenance mode or shuts down completely… there is NO WAY that OSRS gets off without MTX being released. Server costs… employee payouts… company projects… That’s why Jagex tried so desperately to branch away from the Runescape new occasions… regrettably always a collapse.

Another sad reality is that OSRS runescape players think that they could vote Yes/No when it has to do with MTX at that point…. A poll won’t happen, this would be a pressured introduction. RS3 isn’t done yet though… I figure.

I haven’t really played runescape anymore. Runescape playercount remains falling, is not it? The thing is – OSRS doesnt have

as real runescape players as people believe. Runescape is completly filled with bots and they make the runescape player count rise by A LOT. Do not count me as an OSRS hater tho: I dont play RS3 and that I play with OSRS regular – it’s completly overwhelmed by spiders, both f2p and p2p.

However, why would the MTX overlords need to wait until Cheap Runescape gold is completely dead until they start adding MTX into OSRS? If its so profitable why would not it be something which include asap? Osrs has a very small team running it, I mean VERY small for how large it is so runescapes overhead is miniscule in comparison to other games of its own runescape playerbase dimension.

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