They defending so hard I cant get my players push or free into the rim

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Can there be a way to tell how much you spent a card after you’ve had it for awhile. You’ve had it for awhile and after winning a card from the auction house and can not remember how much you spent on the 2K MT card. Like if you are likely to have a hit to see if you were to re-sell it, or leave out. I’ve switched over from FIFA ultimate team to now 2K myteam. Conquer EA and FIFA are cash hunger, pay to play rather than rewarding in any way. When 2K/myteam seems far more rewarding for single player individuals. I had the question cause FIFA ultimate group has that feature. It’ll state that if you bought it through auction it’ll state that too as for how much if you pull a card from a pack.

I just lost 5 games of TTO in a row. The majority of these wete games that are long. I did get routed a couple times. Then the next two Im winning the pause timer and by 10 appears. In both matches. Come on man why are people so poisonous, it is a game.If the timer appears you have to allow it to go all down the down and you will Get the W so hit Continue one time then next time you should have the ability to quit and receive the win.I know to last but jt just bothers me thst people are enjoy this.Why twice? So that this has never happened to me 16, I really don’t play a good deal of TTO.

I’ve actually found the opposite. If I do not take it right away and wait for an excess cycle I get the L.Maybe it depends on what system. But on ps4 you wait 2x and in over 15 scenarios I’ve consistently gotten the win. After I got hauled out of 5 balls 1 time I haven’t even risked not doing it two so I can not speak for just quitting I play it safe and just do it twice.My players aren’t occasion responding to me trying to pass now, like wtf, why would they put someone they know is faking na overload the TTO servers such as this rather than prep. Also tf are any of you greening shots consistently with this? Just played a man who only greened lmao.

Wow there’s no wreck in the market this weekend. For the last month we’ve been getting at least a depreciation in value every weekend but other than PD Yao there is no extreme influence on the auction house. Normally I think folks are complaining today but very few people really bought packs. Surprising.I will never get 12-0. I lose against guys who have a way badder team then mine and offball. I cant hit a shot and get a fade away 3..

I actually don’t have any idea how to beat offballers. They defending so hard I cant get my players push or free into the rim. I tried with 5 out, with heat13 plays, hornets plays with…I can’t conquer them cause I cant conquer the buy NBA 2K MT offball defense. Its such as pressing or something. With PnR I have no chance cause when then there’s the C at the middle who contests my shot and the players dont ever reach on my blocks. How can I beat offballers? I watched many videos but they constantly predicting what I do and slip the ball.

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