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Another portion of it is we regularly examine our OSRS gold players and they play RuneScape. The top answer is always,”As a means to relax, as a means to get away from the stress of the actual world.” They see RuneScape for a pastime and as a launch for them.

As Kelvin said, the positives of RuneScape and gambling –all the components that Kelvin has covered–there are numerous them.We deeply care about the health of the runescape players.

The fact that we have runescape players who’ve been playing for years, we are pleased with the fact that we’ve got that. In those instances that you do mention, that are
incredibly rare, we provide all the information that is necessary to support them.

Again, I know people who’ve been drinking for years. It isn’t because they particularly like it; it is because they’re hooked on it. That is the point I’m making. Is there not a
problem from the industry that it is not recognising the Buy Rs gold addictive nature? These are not loyal clients, or they might not be customers. These may be addicts. Do you think you and the business are doing enough to spot the distinction between a loyal customer and somebody who is hooked on your product?

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