People who play with MyCareer but stick to one participant NBA games

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People who play with MyCareer but stick to NBA 2K MT one participant NBA games

I’ve seen some comments from some other people who do this so I know I am not the only one. I’ve been playing tons of only player MyCareer since I started playing with 2K again last summer. For a while I really liked it but over the years that I have frustrated with its limitations. I began messing about with MyLeague a couple weeks back and found it really enjoyable.

In MyCareer you are very limited with what type of player it is possible to create and I feel like I’m just making over hyped role players most of the time. In MyLeague you are able to make any type of player you need – you can actually earn a superstar with multiple elite skills. The top players in the NBA appear to possess around 40+ badges whereas at MyCareer you’re stuck considerably lower than this (my maxed out offensive danger SG had 25), because if you want a gold badge it actually costs you three badge points. AND if that isn’t enough – you can change attributes manually, so be worried about grinding and VC. You can produce the grind as short or long as you want.

You can even choose your level of management over other groups rosters, which means that you can avoid the genuinely idiotic transactions that happen some times. Basically you’ve got complete flexibility to set NBA 2K up however you need, and you do not have to work around the participant limitations which are just there to maintain online gameplay. If, like me, you are simply interested in playing single player / offline, think about giving MyLeague with participant lock a try. It’s possible to make better players and shield teams in their own stupidity.

Can there be any vc earned? Would be nice to still make a bit for the time. I play 12 minute quarters and I believe I purchase 1100 VC to get a full game. I am guessing that the pay out is reduced if the quarters are somewhat shorter though. At the moment I’m playing 12 min quarters with participant lock, so it disturbs the components when he is on the bench, and that I normally get around 700 VC. My player generally plays around 32 mins per game.Not bad in any way. I recall before that which was online so that it would be fine for an older school franchise play and still get vc. Thanks for the buy 2K MT replies.

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