Might feel like the end in PSO2 Meseta

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Reaching level 75 might feel like the end in PSO2 Meseta, however there’s still. And as you can make a new personality, finishing the story and hitting the level ceiling does not mean you need to begin from scratch. You will find things to do which will up your game and make you hard enough to laugh at the face of Falz Angel on Super Hard or choose Loser. This is how to get the most out of your max character that is leveled.

Subclasses will quit leveling in their at level 55, meaning play with it to complete getting it and you will need to swap it with your principal class. This is sometimes done at the skill counter at the lobby. And therefore don’t be worried about destroying your class your Ability Tree is going to be saved, and you’ll be able to save out your load to readily change equipment. If you’re switching between very different courses, such as a class to some melee one, it’s best to have a separate mag so that you don’t lose out on stats.

Getting a subclass usually means a skill tree, which may help your principal class. Another motive is to acquire extra stat bonuses. In general, a class receives 20 percent of the stats of buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a subclass. However, at max level, you receive a class name that, when equipped, provides an stat boost. Every course has a name, so if there try maxing out another course. You’re able to level another courses just for fun.

So it’s possible to level them all skill Trees and course levels are kept. If you do not need to obtain an additional mag for your stat changes, you are able to stick with courses that work with your present mag.

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