I purchased the 34th Tony's mattock in Buy Rs gold

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A”hero mattock” was the very first hero thing confirmed before its OSRS gold launch, with concept art emerging around Runefest 2019, six months before Archaeology’s release. It’s also the only hero thing with a level requirement (99 Archaeology). It’s the real hero item that is only so far which was so powerful that it needed to be given a nerf in an upgrade. Really, the stats of the Guildmaster Tony’s mattock were lowered but fear not – it is still an entire tier above the second-best mattock of distance & time. Obviously you can augment it. The Tony’s mattock usually doubles your excavated material (usually a few times each minute).

This effect provides dual expertise, and also works on material caches. Additionally, the mattock rarely completes the improvement to your next artefact, allowing you to”discover it immediately” (this result is significantly less common and occurs once every dozen artefacts or so). The mattock is there for one to grab it in the display case in the Archaeology guild… however, the only way to open it is to get a Shadowy key from a tetracompass. You can even get a distorted key which will definitely get your hopes up but will probably break from the lock.

I purchased the 34th Tony’s mattock in Buy Rs gold (according to the amount of broadcasts) for 5b gp by the individual who got it using a shadowy secret, and I have been using it every day for training. Archaeology remains a very new skill and the mattock is in high demand, appreciated between 4 and gp. The one in RuneScape has been sold for a record breaking 29b gp, which will be more nowadays than you would pay for a blue party hat.

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