I have mastered it was disappointing to hear folks are farming gods

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As a consequence those who dislike RS3 lore truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humor in Guthix’s existential dying words”Player….Forget me” What fools… the way I pity them.?? And yes by winrsgold the way, I DO have a Sliske tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the women’ eyes just – And they must demonstrate that they are in 5 IQ points of my own (rather lower) beforehand.

I can relate to the impression that the gods were these almighty beings back in the day. Wielding a Zammy book made you feel as if you had a bit of greatness. Sometime because I have mastered it was disappointing to hear folks are farming gods, I am not in end game so can’t comment too much, but it just does not feel right. I loved (and lately re-love) RuneScape because it’s so cool and you may just go and take up the role as a very simple fisherman for a few hours because you really feel like it. I really don’t want to be the saviour of the world slaughtering gods amongst hordes of. However, I am probably older than the playerbase at this point. Maybe the profitable (younger?) Playerbase respond positive to the god complicated thing, it’s certainly the trend in MMOs.

Pretty much everything you’ve said and I agree. You will find other age ones that I’d like, and while Guthix Sleeps is my favourite RS3 quest OSRS to do their spin on. The entrance into the 6th age, and the World Wakes was when I lost interest from the quests. I think that put me off RuneScape match more than the EoC. But, I must say I like what they did with all the gods. The easy good, bad, and equilibrium versions weren’t very intriguing to me, but which makes Saradomin more authoritarian and the Zamorak longer’survival of the fittest’ made them make more sense, as there was a real philosophy behind them.

The whole point of this development of quests is that you progress toward some thing, such as being a saviour etc.. And even with this we’re already at that point in OSRS. In song of the elves we kill the fragment of an actual GOD to save an whole racein MM2 we prevent a plot to ruin the whole world, I really could proceed.

These large grand master quests require us to be important to the storyline, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point in the pursuit present, it’d only be infinite exposition and cut scenes as we saw somebody else take care of the issue. And as for the whole gods becoming marginally less mysterious and all powerful it was bound to occur, the whole purpose of creating enigma and awe about these characters would be to cheap RuneScape gold finally utilise it somehow, it was only natural they’d want to make something larger to take it’s place afterwards.

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