A proposal for the Biggest Item Sink in Old-School Runescape's History

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I place value on my time. Because I can’t perform 12-18 hours a day just like some do, the time I do spend in game is best spent doing things I would like to accomplish.The 3-4 hours it’d take to earn enough cash in game to purchase a OSRS gold bond represents perhaps an whole day or two of playing me. $10 is much better than 3-4 hours. I understand if you don’t make lots of cash or whether you are too young to earn money and don’t have a parent to pay it to allow you to use your time to allow it to be free. It just isn’t time effective for me personally.

I was cheap in RuneScape game. By murdering my dragons I’d raise my prayer skill up. This seemed a fantastic idea. It had been free xp. But at a certain point I understood that gold wasn’t the constraint but time was. I could kill my own dragons and the cost saved was effectively the total cost of the bones. I made 2m/hr by killing my dragons. I, however, could make 5-6m/hr just killing stuff(pvm), so would not I be better off by making money and buying them. So 1 hour 5m and purchase for 2m, that has been a gain of 3m, or in terms of period 3/5 of an hour or 36 minutes. I gained an extra 36 minutes of killing time by not being cheap. I had been wasting money by dragons.

Whether they understand it or if they’re only being impatient, individuals who buy the”buy” skills are in fact saving time and money by doing this. Should they have the money to drop 200m they clearly have a means to make money that is than to go collect worth of materials. They may not be able to verbalize it, but they’ve figured out it. Obtaining the $10/month is an extension of that.

A proposal for the Biggest Item Sink in Old-School Runescape’s History

I believe that it’s a good idea but needs refinement: People would only move their things to be at the top end of the 10%, there by pushing the normal GE price, rinse and repeat and the cost of the item on that day will likely bloat very sharply. If issue 1 is buy RS3 gold compared to players will inventory pile items and wait to sell on the day, as it is an payout and the price can be manipulated. I think there has to be a lockdown prior to it, on the thing of the day’s purchase price.

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