About Us


Our Mission

At Earthagram, we believe that the world has only been further divided by social media, so we set out to make a new platform that truly unites the world through common goals that will change our lives for the better. Whether its a task as small as cleaning your local community, or as large as starting a petition that will have an impact on your whole country, it’s vital that you have people supporting your idea and seeing it through until the end right by your side. Traditional social media has been an excellent tool at giving people a voice, but not at fostering the growth of communities. Earthagram is here to issue in a new age of social media that educates, links and cultivates ideas that people want to put into action.


How to Earthagram


  • Connect with people who have the same goals
  • Educate yourself on how to make your efforts
  • Make a group and contribute by posting new ideas, forums, events, etc.


We all want to see a better world in some way but the trick to actually getting that world is to find other people who want the same. Not only will starting a community around a common goal aid in the proliferation of the ideas around it but getting out there with the people involved will be a blast! Beach cleanups, protests, rallies, 5k’s or just a meeting to discuss things in person! The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun you can have by getting out there and connecting!