Creating A Petition

Starting a Petition

  • Determine the Mission
  • Research the topic
  • Write a short and sweet petition
  • Blast social media constantly!
  • Tend to the cause in real life
  • Deliver the petition

So you’ve found a meaningful change you’d like to see in the world and decided to form a petition. Hopefully, that idea has been accumulating a following (maybe in a group here on Earthagram!) and others are just as enthusiastic about it as you are. If this is the case then fantastic, you already have a leg up in seeing a change in society.

However, having a following isn’t always enough to make a change in the real world and might require a little extra push. A petition is a fantastic way to give your movement a little extra power and get some real attention from the right people like organizations, government agencies, and companies around the world.

Getting started on the petition path can be an overwhelming one, and this article will give you a simplified way to begin your journey to change. 

The way we start and get petitions has changed with the internet though. Gone are the days of clip board armed people lining sidewalks hawking people for signatures. The new sidewalk is on the internet and the clip board is a website. Instead of only touching the people you see in a given day you have the entire world in your web. The web that is. 

Petitions give power back to the people

Research the topic

You don’t want to set out to form a petition with no information about the cause. Sooner or later you’re going to have to inform people about why your purpose is worth supporting whether it be inside of forums or in real life. Having practical trustworthy information backed up by reputable sources can accelerate your following and in turn get superior numbers behind your future petition. When researching you should be contributing the information you find to the groups and forums you create to spread the knowledge to those involved. 

However, don’t just include information in favor of your ideas. Giving information that opposes your cause can help the people behind it defend the purpose of the concept and only bolsters the reason for supporting it. Wrong information is as good as no information so double check your sources to protect your cause. 

Keep Your Petition Short

These days people are in a rush and want to understand information immediately. Luckily there are a multitude of platforms that Earthagram has rated in another article. These platforms are a fantastic way for people to quickly skim exactly what your e-petition aims to do. 

Formulate your petition to be as clear and concise as possible so that people can be captivated, hopefully by the title alone. Both the signees and targets of the request should understand what your petition seeks to achieve. A petition should communicate urgency for action, data supporting the idea, and what the petition aims to change and how. 

Experts recommend keeping the petition to a maximum length of three paragraphs to keep readers engaged. This article on how to write a petition is another awesome tool so that you can learn to write up a petition like the pros.

Use Social Networking

Social networking

One of the fastest ways to make anything popular in this day and age is to use social media. Forming a group around the purpose of your petition right here on Earthagram is a great way to start but don’t stop there. Hit every social media network imaginable with a post that directs them to your group here so they can be informed, involved in the cause. You’d be surprised at how many people are concerned about the exact idea you already have and are going to support you in hitting your goals. 

It’s truly as easy as researching existing social networks to find groups of people that are on board with a similar cause and linking them to your Earthagram group where they can find all information. Signing an e-petition is easy so if your cause and information provided is compelling enough then people will take the few minutes out of their day to sign it. 

Don’t just stop at posting though, make sure to make complete profiles dedicated to the issue at hand to maximize your efforts and traffic to the petition!

Monitor Your E-Petition

Social media is mighty, but will never match the interaction we have with each other in person. Once you can see that your support for the issue is growing it’s time to hit the streets. Organize efforts in public to draw attention to your movement that will make an impact in your community. 

Even a small gathering of 100 people is bound to attract local media attention which will give your following a significant boost. The good thing about Earthagram is that we have made meeting up all too easy by providing users the ability to create events that groups can use to organize and get their rally, march, sit-in, bake sale, etc. to be impactful.

Provide information to your following to let them know what is expected of them at the event. Maybe your cause could use some tools such as bags and shovels for the clean up at the beach or park. A bake sale could require more than just 15 people with chocolate chip cookies what about tables, chairs, raffle tickets maybe. The more information you give to people in advance the more meaningful the event will turn out to be. 

Signing a petition

Deliver the Petition

When you finally hit the goal for the number of people that have signed your petition it’s time to deliver the petition. Depending on whom the request is aimed at you have a few different options. If it’s your city then arranging a meeting with a mayor might not be so easy.

Luckily social media strikes again and can be your vessel to get the petition noticed by your local congressman. The same goes for a company. Let us say you want your local grocery chain to ban plastic bags; You’re going to have to use public events, local media, or social media to get this done. 

So you’ve read this article. You’re probably feeling pretty motivated right now to make an educated attempt at being the change you want to see in the world. You’re going to need some tools to push your efforts along. The best tool you can use is a website that can host your petition. At the moment Earthagram is still not ready to provide this service, but we have done tons of research on people who are ready. Check out this post to see which people are prepared to host your petition on their site. Or if you need an extra push to figure out what exactly you want to change our article on finding some inspiration will work wonders for you. 

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